What does OneSky do?

We design and implement affordable, replicable model programs to help communities and caregivers unlock the vast hidden potential of the world’s vulnerable young children. We also provide ongoing training, guidance and support for individuals, communities and governments while they take our models to scale.

How did OneSky develop its approach to child development?

OneSky’s approach to nurturing children draws from the Reggio Emilia early education philosophy, which focuses on helping each child develop a strong sense of self, love of learning, and individual expression. We also incorporate local educational practices to prepare children for success in community schools.

Why did you change your name from Half the Sky?

When Half the Sky was founded in 1998, 95% of the healthy children in Chinese orphanages were girls so our name, taken from the adage “Women hold up half the sky,” wonderfully matched our mission. Today, the number of girls and boys in our programs is far more balanced and our new name we believe reflects this.

How did you choose the name OneSky?

OneSky for all children reflects what we’ve learned over nearly two decades: that the needs of young children are universal and that if we reach at-risk children early enough, we can give them a second chance at a bright future.

Will OneSky be expanding to other countries?

Because we’ve learned over the years that the needs of young children are universal, our programs can be adapted to meet challenges in diverse situations wherever young children live in adversity. We hope to one day bring our transformative models to at-risk children in other countries, if we have the funds and support to do so.

Can I specify where I wish my donation to be designated?

Currently, OneSky Australia can only facilitate donations aligned with our projects in China. If you would like to donate to a project in Vietnam, our global OneSky team can facilitate this here, but we will not be able to issue you an Australian tax receipt for your donation.

Are international entities also called OneSky?

Half the Sky Netherlands has retained its name for now. It’s importance as part of our OneSky global community remains unchanged. When you support Half the Sky Netherlands, you are supporting our mission to bring hope into the lives of children the world forgot.

Programmes for children in orphanages

How does OneSky help children in orphanages?

OneSky’s Orphanage Model is designed to help abandoned children — who lose about one month of growth for every three months in institutional care — not only survive but thrive, by training child welfare workers how to provide consistent family-like nurturing care and early education. The model offers a comprehensive template for best practice caregiving from the national policy level down to personalized guidance for addressing the challenges faced by each small child.

Read more about the OneSky Model for Children in Orphanages.

What is the status of your work in Chinese orphanages?

We are working just as hard as we always have to ensure that institutionalized children all over China have a loving adult in their daily lives. These efforts include supporting Model Centers and Seed Centers where, through our Chinese sister organization, Chunhui Children, we help smaller orphanages create programmes of their own.

When the Chinese take over funding for centers OneSky established, what role does OneSky play?

Besides supporting the operations of national Model Centers, through our senior training team, we offer ongoing training and guidance for orphanage staff and administrators across the country. We also run an active, national online learning community, 1jiaren.org, that connects caregivers all over China and provides online education for professional growth.

How long will you continue your work in Chinese orphanages?

We will continue to work in China for as long as we are needed.

Do you provide medical care for children living in Chinese orphanages?

The government provides medical care for the children through the institutions, local hospitals and the Tomorrow Plan. Some children who need specialized medical care receive pre and post-treatment nurturing care at our Chinese sister organization’s Chunhui China Care Home in Beijing.

How can I support your work at the orphanage where my child once lived?

If OneSky supports a national model center at your child’s orphanage, you can target a donation of any size to that orphanage. Simply Contact Us to talk about directing your donation to a specific orphanage. If OneSky does not operate a programme in your child’s orphanage, we suggest that you earmark your donation for the National Training Plan, a cooperative effort with the Chinese government that is enabling OneSky to train child welfare workers all over China.

We are planning a trip to China—can we visit an orphanage?

We are unable to arrange for visits. Many of our supporters do visit orphanages but they arrange permission for those visits through homeland tour travel agents or by contacting the orphanages themselves to arrange permission.

Can you help me adopt a child from China?

No, OneSky is not an adoption agency, and we have nothing to do with the adoption process.

I am adopting a child from an orphanage where you established programmes. Do you have any information about my child?

Once you have returned home with your child, we will be happy to check to see if we have any progress reports/photos on file and, if we do, send you the original Chinese and an English translation of the reports. Just download a Progress Report Request Form and send it to us. We are unable to provide any

information about a child currently in our programme or confirm that a child is enrolled in our programme before their adoption is finalized.

Can you connect me with my child’s caregiver?

We do not facilitate communication directly between orphanage staff/caregivers and families. This falls outside of our mission because we focus on training our caregivers to provide care for children still waiting, and this consumes all of their time. However, we are happy to provide this list of mailing addresses for orphanages where we have run programmes, should you wish to contact them directly.

Programmes for children in villages

How does OneSky help children in remote rural villages?

OneSky’s Village Model offers a scalable, low-cost model for mitigating the damage to China’s “economic orphans,” children left without nurturing care during their most critical early years while their parents work in faraway cities and industrial areas. Our work also actively engages those adults who remain in the villages to help care for the children left behind – a critical step toward healing rural communities that are disintegrating because of the loss of their young workers.

Read more about the OneSky’s Model for Children in Villages.

What programmes do you run in villages?

We provide family skills training, establish Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centers with a progressive curriculum for children 3-6 years old, and promote community engagement to strengthen disintegrating rural communities.

Where are the villages?

All of the villages where OneSky provides support are located in rural central China; for privacy and security reasons, we do not publicize their exact location.

How many villages do you work in?

Our global network is working in 46 rural villages to develop a model that will be replicable and scalable across 680 government-designated “poverty counties.” In 2019, OneSky Australia plans to support OneSky’s village model program ensuring that even more children receive the stimulation and attention they deserve.

We are planning a trip to China—can we visit a village?

For privacy and security reasons, we are unable to arrange visits to the villages where we work.


Sponsoring a child in China.

By choosing to sponsor a child in China, you will be assigned to a child in one of our orphanage or village programs. The children in our orphanage programs are abandoned children living in government-run institutions. The children in our village programs are China’s “economic orphans,” whose parents had to leave them behind in impoverished rural villages in order to find work in faraway cities.

How do you protect the security and privacy of the children in your sponsorship program?

We protects the children’s security and privacy by always keeping each child’s full name, specific location, and any other information that would compromise the child’s privacy, confidential. We realize the vast majority of our sponsors have good intentions; however the safety of the children always comes first.

Can I post photos of my sponsored child on the internet/social media?

Because our goal is to protect each child’s privacy and safety, we ask that you not post photos of the children online.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Because of our commitment to protecting the privacy and safety of every child, OneSky does not facilitate or encourage visits by sponsors nor provide the addresses for the location of the children. We strive to provide consistent family-like nurturing care and train our staff to develop deep emotional bonds with the children. It is important for children to be surrounded by familiar, caring individuals, and your monthly contributions make that care possible.

How will my sponsorship donation be used?

We strive to create lasting change for your sponsored child and his/her community by partnering to implement affordable, replicable models that train caregivers – parents, grandparents, nannies, teachers, guardians – to provide the simple loving, responsive care that is essential to a healthy start in life. In order to reach the greatest number of children in the most cost-effective way, your donation is pooled with those of other sponsors and donors to fund our life-changing programs.

How often will I receive reports about my sponsored child?

You will receive four updates a year, two about your sponsored child’s progress that includes an updated photo or one of her/his drawings and two about the program your child is benefitting from.

Can I adopt my sponsored child?

OneSky is not an adoption agency and does not track the adoption status of the children in our orphanage program. Because our sponsorship program is not an avenue for adoption, prospective adoptive parents should work with an adoption agency.

Will I continue to sponsor the same child when I renew my sponsorship?

Yes, sponsors continue to sponsor the same child unless the child leaves our program for any reason, including adoption or aging out of our early childhood education programs.

What happens when my child leaves OneSky’s program?

If your sponsored child transitions out of our program, we will transfer your sponsorship to another child in need of sponsorship so you can continue to make a lasting, positive impact. Transferring your sponsorship is critical to OneSky’s ongoing work, allowing us to reach as many children as possible. While it is difficult to say goodbye, please know that because of your generosity your sponsored child and her/his peers have a chance for a brighter future.

How long does my sponsorship last?

Sponsorship is a voluntary, ongoing contribution. You can always let us know if you need to suspend your monthly donation.

What if I would like to donate by cheque?

You can fill out our donation form and mail it back to us, or if you’d like us to send you our donation form, please email us.

More Questions?

Please email us at sponsor@onesky.org.


How can I help OneSky?

Visit our Other Ways to Give page to see the many ways you can help OneSky.

How can I donate by check?

You can fill out our donation form and mail it back to us with a check made out to OneSky or Half the Sky. We filed a dba for OneSky and OneSky for all children, so we are able to use those names as well as Half the Sky Foundation, the name we registered with the IRS for US tax deductions. If you would like us to send you our donation form, please email or call us at 1-510-525-3377.

Can I wire a donation to OneSky?

Yes. Please email us or call 1-510-525-3377 for details. Because our banks charge at least USD 30 to convert these donations to USD or HKD, please make sure your gift covers that charge. You will receive a US or HK tax receipt for your donation.

Can I make a donation or set up a sponsorship in honor of a friend or family member?

Yes. Please provide your honoree’s name and email address, and let us know the mailing address where the acknowledgement card and/or sponsorship package should be sent. If you want to receive the card and/or sponsorship package at your home address so that you can deliver the gift in person, please let us know.

Can I send clothing or toys to OneSky for the children?

OneSky does not collect toys or clothing. Our centers are initially well stocked with toys, books and music carefully chosen by our child development experts and when the centers need refurbishing we work with our local partners to restock them.

Are general donations and sponsorship donations tax deductible?

Donations are tax deductible in Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Donors living in countries where we cannot provide a tax receipt can make a gift in any currency by sending a check to OneSky’s office in the United States or Hong Kong. Because our banks charge at least USD 30 to convert these donations to USD or HKD, please make sure your gift covers that charge. You will receive a US or HK tax receipt for your donation.

Are the products we buy in your online store tax deductible?

Because all proceeds from the sale of merchandise go to support our programs, a portion of their purchase price is tax-deductible in the United States. Please visit our store for specifics. All donors should also, of course, consult with their tax professionals.

Will my US tax receipt be for a donation to Half the Sky Foundation or OneSky?

Because our 501(c) (3) is still registered with the IRS as Half the Sky Foundation, donors will receive a Half the Sky Foundation tax receipt.

I don’t live in the United States. How can I donate to OneSky?

Our donation page allows you to change the currency in which you wish to give. Or Contact Us for more details on how you can donate from your country.


Are your financials audited independently?

Yes, our financials are audited every year by an independent auditor and are included in our Annual Report. For further information, please visit our Financials Page.

What percentage of your total budget goes toward administrative costs?

We strive to limit our combined administrative and fundraising costs to less than 20 percent of our operating budget. Non-programs costs in excess of 25 percent are considered excessive by most evaluating agencies.


My children want to help OneSky. How can children help?

Your children can create their own fundraising campaigns — lemonade stands, bake sales, donations for their birthdays or holidays to sponsor a child in an orphanage or a village. To get started, sign up tofundraise, download our Students for OneSky Handbook, or email volunteers@onesky.org.

Do you have any volunteer opportunities?

You can donate your time and skills in many ways!

1) Sign up to receive our updates and stories on our contact page.

2) Follow our work on FacebookInstagram and Twitter and share stories of kids growing strong.

3) Donate your birthday or other special occasion, or use your talents to bake, sing, dance or anything else you like to do to raise funds for the kids.

4) Are you a student? Join our global network of Students for OneSky.

I am a high school/college student. How can I help?

You can join our global network of student volunteers, who have helped us bring brighter futures to thousands of orphaned and neglected children by educating, fundraising, mentoring and more! To get started, sign up to fundraise, download our Students for OneSky Handbook, or email volunteers@onesky.org.

Each year, we also plan a special volunteer trip to China for a limited number of club members. For more information, please download the Student Volunteer Trip Information Packet.